Pyrgos is a traditional village built on a hill with an amazing view.
It is very picturesque, with little narrow streets, Venetian castle and countless churches, charming and capturing the hearts of visiting tourists and its permanent residents alike.
It is one of the highest villages on the island and, at the same time one of the coolest on hot summer days. The constant breeze creates a pleasant difference in temperature when compared with other villages on the island, sometimes as much a two degrees.
Pyrgos is situated almost in the centre of the island, at a similar distance from the cosmopolitan capital, the port, the airport and the beautiful beaches of Perivolos, the Red Beach and Kamari.
At a short walking distance, one can enjoy the wonderful view of the Calderas, while enjoying a coffee or tasting a variety of wines offered by the wine producers of the Cooperative.
Pyrgos has a very small amount of high-quality housing which caters for discerning visitors. The village taverns Mythos, Perasma, Kallisti and Pyrgos amply meet the gastronomic preferences of all visitors.
There is a medical service available in the village and a drugstore which has long opening hours.
Our village Pyrgos, is considered one of the most picturesque on Santorini and is famous for its cool breeze, original character, its quality and beauty.


Traditional Guesthouses

Pyrgos, Santorini, Greece
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